ISLAM is a very misunderstood religion. I had the opportunity of meeting some Muslim Arabs and it was a big surprise to know that almost everything I thought about Islam was a lie. I am not trying to defend Islam as a religion, but I am trying to reprehend the western culture for believing what the social media tells us about Muslims.

As we go forward in the internship my concern for other religions has increased, so I have decided to do some research on some of them. Islam is at the top of my list. Islam is not only a religion some people will profess one day of the week, but is a way of living in a lot of countries. Islam laws are accepted by a lot of governments as well. So we can say Islam is a religion that has become culture for a big part of the population in the world.

We should be willing to learn more about Islam, cause it can really change the way we relate to Muslims. They are humans just as you and me, and if we are going to live together in such a tiny world, we have to love each other and our differences.



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