Today, according to how I set the days, I was supposed to write in Spanish, but since I didn’t write anything yesterday due to the 4th of July, I felt obligated to write like if it was yesterday, that means in English.

Today I had an amazing pool-day. I had an incredible Islam class. And I got to know more about my brother. I read some of his blogs he wrote when he was an intern. They are hilarious.

Anyway, I want to talk a little bit about the people I’m meeting here in Richmond.

There is another intern called Hanna, she is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. I’m sure she is a really good artist even though I have never seen her art. She likes to keep things organized, and she always gets assignments done days before we have to submit them. She always tries to keep a peaceful environment and is really tolerant with everything. Also, she is really intelligent. She has all these safety and scientific facts.

The other intern is named Amanda. She is a girl who likes to give opinions, is not afraid to volunteer to read or pray at devotions, when the majority of people just look down to the floor. She likes to give feedback to people, while she is having a conversation, to make them know they have her attention. She is totally incredible and has a really social life.

And thats it for today.





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