Right now I am in the office and we were doing office cleaning. I was sweeping and I notice that the dustpan had a legend written on the back: Don’t take this from the office. I suppose that the intention of this petition is to keep the dustpan and not to lose it, or in order for not having to buy another one. Of course, we could say, “hey I’m just taking this upstairs it won’t be lost” “I will/ can bring it back at any time”. Well yes, but it’s not in the office, the purpose of this specific dustpan is to be used at the office.  So you are keeping the spirit or intention of the rule but you are not following the rule.

These same objections we can put on the rules of God. SYou can assume that several rules are for keeping you safe, healthy, to help you in your relationships, but you don’t have the power to create new rules that will have the same result, or just decide not to follow them because you don’t have a “health” problem, so to speak.

If there is a rule God command you to follow, we must follow it.




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